Dress Code:

All students Must follow the studio’s dress code policy.  All hair Must be secured off the face in every dance class. No Jewelry, cell phones or toys permitted in dance class.


LEVEL BALLET PROGRAM (3rd grade and up): Hair must be in a bun for all Level Ballet Classes. Black leotard and pink tights.

Sheer ballet skirts are permitted for Tiny Tots, Creative Movement, Kinderdance and Primary 1 Ballet (gr.1-2). Buns are not required for younger students.


JAZZ & TAP: Leotard and tan or black tights are permitted for any student taking just tap or jazz. All shoes can be bought at the studio (not currently for season 2021) or must be studio approved to create a uniform style and color.  No baggy T-shirts or pants are allowed.

LYRICAL, CONTEMPORARY & MODERN: Leotard and Convertible Tights. Barefoot or Foot Undez or Twyla Shoes.

HIP HOP: Tight fitting tank tops or t-shirts with dance shorts or leggings. Dedicated pair of rubber sole, non-marking sneakers that are only worn at the studio. 

ACRO DANCE: Leotards with dance shorts, biketards or tight fitting tank tops with dance shorts. No tights. Students must be barefoot. Only Advanced Acro classes are permitted to wear stirrup tights.