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Ballet Level 1:


In a fun and nurturing environment, students will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. Students are taught the basic positions of classical ballet according to the Vaganova (Russian) ballet syllabus with a strong focus on proper alignment and coordination. Equal amounts of time will be spent on barre exercises, conditioning and stretching, center practice, and fine tuning gross motor skills in across the floor work.



Ballet Level 2:


In Ballet 2, students will build upon the the foundation set in Ballet 1. Barre exercises will be longer to encourage strengthening of the leg muscles and core. Center practice will include exercises to prepare students for pirouettes and allegro (jumps) work. Students will also spend a portion of the class on conditioning and stretching. Upon mastery of Ballet 2, students will have a strong understanding of the Vaganova ballet technique and the iconic Vaganova port de bras and epaulment (arm movement and carriage of the shoulders).



Ballet Level 3:


Ballet 3 students will be strong enough to complete all relevant barre exercises on demi-pointe. Students will be expected to work for high extensions and strong balances at the barre and in center practice. Exercises will become more complex in this level. Adagio work in the center will be done on demi-pointe at the completion of Ballet 3. Pirouette practice in closed positions (retire and sur le cu de pied) will be studied extensively. Allegro combinations will be longer and more complex. The students will also work on musicality and start to develop individual artistry.



Ballet Level 4:


Ballet 4 will be a more technically demanding and faster paced class in which you will be challenged to perform longer and more advanced sequences. Students will continue to progress through the Vaganova ballet syllabus. In addition, students will learn variatios from the classical ballet repertoire. In this level students will also work on achieving multiple pirouettes, long grand allegros (big jumps such as leaps) for stamina, and continue to develop a strong sense of artistry.



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