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It is the studio’s belief that whether you are a beginner, a serious minded dancer or just here to have fun - We have a place for you!  It is our mission that a love of dance will be instilled in each and every student that we teach.  The studio’s focus for pre-school and kindergarten is to introduce dance in a fun and energetic spirit.  Children will learn how to move in new and interesting ways, interacting with other children, thus forming the basics of dance.  Intermediate through advanced classes will feature a focus on technique, strength and flexibility while exploring the potential and individuality of each dancer. 

Our goal at the Live, Love, Dance Studio is to provide each student with a solid dance foundation while inspiring and motivating students to their highest potential. We do this all in a positive atmosphere. Our diverse faculty brings their unique and special passion to each and every class.  Dancers will gain a sense of accomplishment, confidence and pride from seeing the results of their hard work and an appreciation for the art of dance that will last a lifetime.  We look forward to inviting you into our dance family!



P.O. BOX  258  N. CARVER, MASS. 02355 USA (508) 866-5600

Liability Disclaimer: By allowing myself or my child to participate in any Live, Love Dance Studio classes online and in-person, I fully understand the risks involved in dance class and acknowledge that the activity myself or my child is about to engage in poses unanticipated risks which could result in bodily injury, emotional distress or damage to personal property.

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